refaced rocker arms

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rockers 2.jpg

refaced rocker arms

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NEVER use the “new” aftermarket version

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we know "the other guys" think it's a bad idea to reface OE rocker arms. It's not. They just want to sell you their janky chinese counterfeit rocker arms. 

Jim only removes a minimal amount of material from the rocker pad, just enough to re-arc the surface. The hardening goes very deep and we don't get anywhere near the end of it. If the core we start with has a deep groove or divot, it get tossed. 

**Since these are machined to order by Jim, lead time can be up to 5 working days. Before you place the order, feel free to call and get a more accurate completion time. 

refaced OE rocker arms

This is the rocker we use on every engine we build. We only start with OE rocker cores to insure proper geometry and quality of material. We have found ALL aftermarket castings to be unacceptable. We jet tank clean, measure the shaft I.D., glass bead clean, reface / arc the rocker pads. 

price is for a set of 8 

** don't forget to add the $25.00 core deposit to your cart or the rockers will not be shipped until I contact you.