Your engine is shipped as shown in the pictures above. Here are some of the items we can install onto your rebuilt engine before it gets shipped to you. 

waterpump installed .jpg


water pump installed with OE gasket and 12 piece OE hardware kit (included with the dual row timing kit)

spark plug set 22r.jpg


denso OE spark plugs. gapped, anti seized and properly torqued


stainless steel heater pipe installed with OE hardware

ft crank pulley installed.jpg


front crankshaft pulley and OE crank pulley bolt installed and torqued to 116 lb. ft.

cooler plate installed.jpg


installed EGR cooler plate, OE graphite gasket and 5 piece OE hardware kit


stainless steel by-pass pipe installed with OE hardware

ex studs installed.jpg


18 piece exhaust manifold hardware kit

dipstick installed.jpg


OE dipstick tube and OE dipstick installed

opsu installed.jpg

$ varies by application

OE oil pressure sending unit or oil pressure switch installed