stock cylinder head

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stock cylinder head

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new casting, improved by Jim

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to place an order for a cylinder head, please call us at (530) 892-1451

NEW stock cylinder head (with or without camshaft)

Even though we start with a NEW cylinder head casting, it is still not good enough. The first step is to remove all of the exhaust valve seats and replace them with HARDER powdered metal seats for longevity. The cylinder head is then surfaced on our STORM/VULCAN surfacer (with a custom CBN head) and surfaced to the proper RA finish. Both the intake (a 5 angle cut) and exhaust valve seats (fully radiused) are cut to our custom profile (using our SERDI 3.0 seat machine) to match the new intake and exhaust valves we install. Installed valve stem height is inspected and adjusted as necessary. All valve springs, retainers and machined (not cast) keepers are NEW and are installed into the cylinder head. A OE reground camshaft is installed (never a “new” counterfeit Chinese casting).

  • New cylinder head casting (resurfaced to the proper RA)

  • Harder powdered metal exhaust seats

  • NEW intake and exhaust valves

  • NEW 75lb. valve springs (custom made just for us)

  • New chromoly valve spring retainers and machined keepers

  • 5-angle intake valve seat cut (our custom profile using our Serdi 3.0)

  • Fully radiused exhaust valve seat cut (our custom design)

  • Metal clad Viton valve stem seals

  • Reground OE camshaft (ground back to factory specs)

**also available without camshaft. 

** add performance and fuel economy with hand port shaping done by Jim $225.00 additional

please note: there is a 8-12 week lead time on cylinder head builds. That means 8 to 12 weeks from the day you place the order until the day it ships out. 

If you looking for a 1981-1984 cylinder head, sorry, we cannot help you. There is not a NEW casting for the year range you are looking for. Due to the backlog of engine and cylinder head builds we have, we cannot rebuild your cylinder head. The cylinder heads shown WILL NOT INTERCHANGE to your block. 

Sorry, we don’t have an alternative for you.