Here are some internal upgrades we can install / perform when we build your specific engine. Let us know if you have any questions about anything you see here. 

dual row timing chain upgrade


THE ultimate timing chain kit. 

We can install our dual-row timing chain kit when we build your engine.

the kit includes a custom made timing cover (surfaced with your block deck to insure proper fit), custom made timing chain, new gears, tensioner and both guide rails are steel. The kit also includes a new OEM Aisin oil pump (and new drive gear) and water pump installed along with it. We also modify the inner valve cover baffle for proper clearance too. 

$320.00 additional when installed with your engine build

ARP cylinder head studs

ARP head studs are the ultimate way to go when you want the best for your engine. Like any new stud or head bolt, no re-torque is needed.  includes studs, nuts and washers. 

$162.00 installed (We also modify the inside of the valve cover for proper clearance when installing these studs)

already included with the Stage 2.5 engine build

arp connecting rod bolt kit


If you are running any kind of forced induction (turbo or supercharged), or just want the BEST hardware available, these are for you. 

ARP rod bolts installed during rod rebuild process  

$55.00 additional 

(already included with the Stage 2.5)

xbeam 1.jpg

X-beam forged connecting rods

OE conecting rods are strong, but not particularly 'light', so Jim designed the forged connecting rods and had them manufactured just for us. You won't find this connecting rod anywhere else.

Designed to stand up to 600hp, these forged rods are STRONG, and coming in at just over 700 grams each, they are light too. Less rotating mass equals a quicker revving engine. Although they don't "create" horsepower, less rotating mass equates to the power getting to the wheels that much easier. 

Manufactured to super-close tolerances, Jim still finishes the balance in-house and hones the pin bushings to match specific piston pins. 

$320.00 additional when installed with your engine build

balance rotating assembly


Balancing the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons has benefits including a smoother running, quicker revving engine, longer bearing life and decreased wear on the internals. 

Add $150.00

Already included in the Stage 2.5 engine