**as of October 2019 the lead time for a rebuilt engine is 32 weeks**

Stage 1 rebuilt long block assembly

Our Stage 1 engine is what we consider a "stock" replacement.

It is built with the same quality parts and the same precision machine work as any of our other engine builds. We don't cut any corners. 

You'll get better than stock performance and reliability. 

We get to build your engine with tighter than factory tolerances, so reliability is never a concern. With proper maintenance, it will outlast your original engine. 

1985-1995 22R / 22RE $2495.00 + $400.00 core deposit

(click here for 1981-1984)

All of our engine builds start with factory cores ONLY (block, crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, rocker arms, etc), we will never use the 'new' chinese parts. We know better. 

  • block is bored, torque plate honed and plateau finished

  • block surface is decked with NEW timing cover installed

  • new OE rear main seal and housing gasket

  • new stainless steel freeze plugs are installed (custom made for us)

  • NEW block oil galley and coolant drain plugs installed

  • all threads are chased and cleaned

  • crankshaft is reground (.25 or .50mm) and micro-polished

  • connecting rod big and small ends are resized

  • new wrist pin bushings installed and sized to the specific wrist pins in the piston set

  • NEW pistons and wrist pins

  • Hastings Moly rings are gapped and installed

  • King Bearings (mains, rods and thrust) are installed

  • OE head gasket

  • NEW cylinder head bolts

  • NEW Japanese OSK timing kit with HD metal guide rail

  • NEW OEM Aisin oil pump (with OE seal installed)

  • New cylinder head casting (resurfaced to the proper RA)

  • Harder powdered metal exhaust seats installed

  • NEW intake and exhaust valves are installed

  • Reground camshaft from an OE core (ground to stock profiles)

  • NEW 75lb. valve springs (custom made just for us, specifically to our specs)

  • NEW chromoly valve spring retainers, new machined keepers

  • 5-angle intake valve seat cut (our custom profile using our Serdi 3.0)

  • Fully radiused exhaust valve seat cut (our custom design)

  • Metal clad OE viton valve stem seals

  • higher oiling capacity rocker shafts (custom made by us)

  • refaced rocker arms (refaced in our shop, by us)

  • new OE valve adjuster screws and lock nuts

  • Valve cover PCV baffle is removed, cleaned and resealed

  • Valve cover is powder coated silver vein on the exterior & clear powder coated on the interior

  • powder coated oil pan installed

** add a bump in performance and fuel economy with Jim’s hand porting of the intake and exhaust in the cylinder head for $225.00 additional

check out our installation parts page for the items we recommend paying attention 

items that we can install during your engine build

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