full engine gasket set (genuine Toyota parts

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full engine gasket set (genuine Toyota parts

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genuine Toyota FULL engine gasket set

Every engine build should start with the proper gasket set. We start with an OE factory gasket set and add plenty of other goodies to make this the most complete set you can get. Stop messing with incomplete aftermarket kits with poor quality gaskets. Do you really want to spend your time chasing down the missing gaskets from your chinese aftermarket set. This is all you'll need to do it right.

   •    Head gasket                                                                                                                             

   •    Valve cover gasket

   •    4 valve cover grommets

    •    Our aluminum half moon seals 

    •    Timing cover gaskets

    •    water pump gasket

    •    fuel pump / fuel pump block off gasket

    •    EGR cooler plate (rear of cylinder head)

    •    EGR to upper intake plenum gasket

    •    copper gaskets for cold start injector 

    •    oil cap seal

•    Rear crankshaft seal (double lip design)

•    Rear main seal housing gasket

•    Front crankshaft seal (oil pump seal)

•    Exhaust manifold to pipe crush gaskets (2)    

•    Throttle body gasket

•    SAIR tube gaskets (89-95 EFI & 85-88 carb'd)

•    Distributor o-ring

•    Heater pipe o-ring (at intake manifold)

•    PCV grommet

•    Carburetor base gaskets 

•    Idle speed screw o-ring

•    injector o-rings (at fuel rail side)

•    Oil pick up tube gasket

•    Cold start injector gasket

•    8 valve stem seals

•    Thermostat o-ring

•    Fuel rail to cold start injector copper gaskets

•    Copper o-rings for fuel line to rail 

•    intake manifold gasket

•    intake plenum gasket

•    exhaust manifold gasket

•    2 exhaust gaskets (for SAIR pipe or block offs)