About core deposits


"What is a "core deposit" and why do I get charged for it?"

OK, ready? 

CORE means the used parts that we start with to remachine, regrind and use to build an engine. 

If you walked into our shop with your engine (or shipped it to us) and asked us to rebuild it, we would NOT have to charge you a core deposit since I would be using your CORE engine to machine and build. 

STAGE 1 engine = $2495.00


Here is where the core deposit comes into the mix.....

Since bringing in your engine for build (or shipping it to us) when placing an order isn't an option for most of you, we can build and engine for you from our CORE inventory.  

That is when I charge you a CORE DEPOSIT. I need your old engine (CORE) back to replace the CORE I built to ship to you. 

STAGE 1 engine = $2495.00

CORE DEPOSIT = $400.00

Total = $2895.00

If my explanation is unclear, please feel free to call me and I can explain better via a phone call. 


"how do I get the core engine back to you and get my deposit back?"

Once you get the new engine installed, just put your core engine back on the same pallet and strap it down with some old ratchet straps. Call us here and we can get the arrangements made to get it picked up. I'll email you the bill of lading to have along with the engine when they pick it up (or if you are dropping it off at the terminal you picked it up from. 

Once it gets back to us, we'll get it torn down and inspected (see the acceptable core requirements over on the right). Once we determine all is rebuildable, we'll issue a core refund check, minus the freight charges it took to get it back to us (usually the same cost as the shipment out to you). 


More questions? Something I didn't cover? Give us a call, I'd be happy to explain further.





STANDARD CORE DEPOSIT IS $400.00 for a long block engine (we expect the same parts returned as what we send you), including (but not limited to):

*rebuildable/remachinable block (we will give only partial credit for blocks that have already been bored to .040” (1MM) oversize 

*machinable crankshaft (anything machined past .010" undersized is not usable) and connecting rods (full credit will not be given for “spun” rod bearings that have damaged crankshaft or connecting rods)

*oil pan and oil pick up tube (you cannot substitute a 4 wheel drive oil pan pick up tube for a 2 wheel drive oil pan and pick up tube).

*Valve cover (must be for the year specific you are ordering)

*Machinable OE camshaft (sorry, we cannot give you credit for a flattened cam or a Chinese replacement cam. Check here to determine if your camshaft is usable as a core)

*Rocker arms that have deep scratches or wear marks at the cam pad side cannot be re-machined, aftermarket replacements cannot be accepted. 


Depending on your distance/shipping location, it may not be cost effective for you to ship your core engine back to us. We are always willing to “buy” certain parts of your core engine (cams, rockers, valve cover, oil pan, connecting rods, etc). 

We are willing to work with you on core parts, nothing is written in stone, call and we can talk about it.