power steering reservoir to pump hose (genuine toyota part

ps res hose kit.jpeg
ps res hose kit.jpeg

power steering reservoir to pump hose (genuine toyota part


get rid of the seepage

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power steering reservoir to power steering pump hose, with clamps

Notice how the clamps have squeezed the life out of this hose where it connects to the pump? I know you’ve tried to tighten them to get the leak to stop. Didn’t work, did it? That rubber hose has lived out it’s useful life and it’s time for a new one.

If you’ve tried to replace it with an aftermarket replacement hose, you’ve also found that they don’t fit right and start the same leak over again. They don’t make a “bulk” hose with the proper I.D. Frustrating. This hose has the proper I.D. and the pre-formed bends in all of the right places.

Start fresh with with a genuine Toyota hose and some new stainless steel clamps. We also include the o-ring for the reservoir union that the hose connects to for a complete kit. Install it and live seepage free for another 30 years.

Fits 1984-1995 22R / 22RE / 22RTE trucks and 4Runner

**sorry, discontinued for 1980-1983 and all Celica