Under-hood & install parts

We all can agree that the 22R family of engines are bulletproof when maintained. One of the reasons why is that Toyota spent the time to engineer it with parts that actually last. We've seen most every version of the aftermarket parts available and 99% of the time, the OE part is still (by far) the best available. 

Most of you have already found out the hard way about low-cost aftermarket replacement parts. The reason why those parts are "cheap" is because they are poor quality imitations that weren't engineered to last. We don't sell those here. 

When people ask what parts we recommend during an installation of one of our rebuilt engines, we tell them to take a look at these items and compare to what's on the truck now. Not every truck needs everything on this page, but it's a good guideline to use to check, inspect, repair or replace during an installation. 


ignition system

engine electrical

cooling and heating system 

intake / exhaust / vacuum

hardware kits